Friday, October 23, 2009

A Different Kind of Fight

With the United States Marine’s job in Iraq coming to a close, there is a lot of gear and equipment still in the outpost and forward operating bases. Marine units currently deployed are now tasked with decreasing the amount of gear in the outposts so it can be sent back to the United States to be repaired and returned to the front line in other parts of the world. So far, 4th Platoon, Transportation Support Company, has completely closed down one combat outpost. They have also significantly reduced the amount of equipment in many other forward operating bases spread out through the Western Anbar Province. “We support every forward operating base and combat outpost in the western area of operation,” said by1st Lt. Jonathan Babineau, the platoon commander. “This applies to both resupply and retrograde support.” The platoon operates by conducting operations that resupply forward operating bases with the necessities such as food and water. After the platoon resupplies the base, they take some of the unnecessary, broken or outdated equipment. The returned gear is then sent back to Al Asad Air Base or Cm Al Taqaddum for further repair and retrograde. “Everything we do is in anticipation for when we have to completely withdraw from the bases,” Babineau said. “When word comes down that a base needs to be cleared there should be so little gear and equipment left that the process runs smoothly.” With the decrease in organized attacks from insurgents and the improvement in the Iraqi Army and Police Forces ability to control their own country, the US forces can concentrate on other things. “It’s a different fight now,” Babineau said. “We are now focused on withdrawing troops and equipment from most areas and turning over the bases to the Iraqi Army.” The reduction of most nonessential gear is an indication that the US is steadily withdrawing from Iraq.Click Here For the Full Story

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