Monday, August 31, 2009

Intro into Marine Corps News

Marine Corps News is about the latest and greatest in the United States Marine Corps. This includes the latest news from overseas, the home front, new technology and tactics implemented and any major doctrine changes. This blog also serves as way to support Marines oversees, more specifically Afghanistan. For until recently, their sacrifices have been nearly forgotten by many and omitted from the mainstream media. This is the perfect blog for any Marine, relative of a Marine or anyone interested in learning about the corps and what is new in it. The United States Marine Corps is one of the finest fighting forces in the world. One of the reasons for this is the continued advancement, refinement and self-criticism the Corps goes through is all aspects. This blog will make it easy to follow the Marine Corps in their most recent advance in Afghanistan and any news about the Corps or other news that affects the Corps, with weekly posts. Although the overlaying objective of this blog is to bring the whole story from Afghanistan, not just the body count that the mainstream media so commonly seems to emphasize. This blog also serves as a tribute to fallen Marines who gave their life for their country and any other countries in need. Biographies of fallen Marines will be presented so everyone can realize what they did and so you can pray for their families. Be sure to check Marine Corp News weekly to find out the latest in the United States Marine Corps. Click here for the latest news